Tuesday, January 10, 2017


 Colada Morada

Elder Davila & Elder Solari

 Las Tijeretas


11-7-16 LETTER

My week has been great here in San Cristobal!! I love the island and the people and the members are great. There arent a ton of members so Ive already met almost everyone this last week! My companion and I get along super well he only has a couple more weeks than me in the mission...Its funny because his last sector was Las Acacias, where I started my mission so we have been talking a ton about that area. Here we live in a cool apartment, second story. Elder Davila told me a couple of months ago we had a sweet view of the ocean but recently they started construction on the house next to ours so now there isnt a view...bummer! The weather is super nice..its always windy, and the sun usually comes out around noon. And the part of the island where people live is big..we walk a ton and its hilly which has been cool because all the parts in Guayaquil where I served have been super flat. I honestly dont know how many people live here in the island..some people we asked told us like 3000, and others have said 10000. But a lot of people that live here work on boats or in turismo. 

So here on the island there are 5 Melquisedek priesthood holders, 2 of them being us. They are the group leader, his counselor, and the YM Presidente. So I am actually the 2nd counselor here in the group and my companion is the secretary so its a cool experience being here. And none of the other brothers could go yesterday so we presided the meeting and we got to conduct it as well, and we gave the classes the 2nd hour!! Here in Group San Cristobal we only have church for 2 hours!! Its how the area wants us to do it. In this sector President Moreno told us he wants us to focus a lot more in the new converts and the less actives so we can become a branch..also there are plans to build a chapel here because we are only renting an old school hours. So we spend a lot of time visiting the less actives and converts but they do need to be strengthened a lot. We always read the Book of Mormon with them and we have activities. Another cool thing about the island here is that we can play soccer! Here they call it indoor and its on a basketball court, and we can play Fridays when we have the group sport activity. The only sector in the mission where we can play soccer!!

As far as investigators we do have a few... There names are Michael and Dayana and they live next to members. They didnt come to church yesterday but they are interested so we will see! Also Bernardo who is going to be baptised real soon so if you guys could pray for him as well! 

This last Wednesday was dia de los difuntos, day of the dead, so they make this purple drink..I dont know how to say it in English but its called Colada morada and its super good. They cook like a ton of fruit and it has an oatmeal base and this whole last week all the members were making it so I drank it like 10 times every day haha. It has pineapple, strawberries and cinnamon in it.

I read a quote in Preach My Gospel from President Hinckley that said something like: ``Great will be the day when the members of the church not only pray for the missionaries in the whole world, but for the missionaries serving in their own wards`` It left a pretty great impact on me..dont forget to pray for the missionary work happening in your wards back home! Pray for them specifically so that they can find the Lords elect...I love you guys! until next week!

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