Tuesday, January 10, 2017


CHRISTMAS DAY - Elder Solari was able to Skype with his family in Washington!!

 I spy _____ Iguanas!

 Blue footed boobie

 Christmas Tree

Church building

11-26-16 LETTER

As far as a letter i will not be going to Machala yet. The APs called me last night and told me they forgot to buy my ticket...and that now there arent any for another couple of days so I dont know when Ill be going back yet. So Im sure the Lord needs me here for a few more days..theres another family or two we need to find before I go. They said I might be going Thursday or I might have to wait until after new years..it just depends on when theres a seat available. Something cool that happened I forgot to tell you guys...We ran into members from Singapore the 24th and they bought us ice cream to celebrate Christmas! It was super cool because theyre both recent converts too. I love being able to meet and see members of the Church from all over the world. I love you guys a ton and dont forget to write down your goals for this coming year 2017!! 

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