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 Where the ship arrives with seafood

 Two giant turtles

 Will & new companion
Making Corviche

11-28-16 LETTER

Well it was great being back in the island this week. I feel grateful to serve the Lord in such a beautiful and blessed place. I know the Lord needed me here for a reason and I am able to find out every single day as we meet and find new people to teach here on the island. It has definitely been a huge change from Guayaquil...here the pace of life is slower and more peaceful. Its also a lot more secure and the people here are friendly as well. As far as new things this last week we have been looking for a new apartment to change where we live. Theres nothing wrong with where we live but the island has been having some problems with water rationing because it hasnt rained in almost a year. So we are searching and we have found some cool apartments..just theyre all too expensive for the budget they have given us. And we are looking for one furnished because the only things the mission owns in our apartment is a table, 4 chairs and an iron and ironing board..the rest is from our landlord here. 

So something funny...I had forgotten about Thanksgiving completely this last week, until our mamita reminded us Thursday..and she had prepared Lobster for us! With rice, of course and patacones which is fried platano. Theres also a recent convert who sells corviche..which is fried platano filled with albacore fish, so yesterday we learned how to make them..which includes grating platano. But they are super good so Ill be sure to make them for you guys someday. The fish here on the island is super good, the fishermen bring it to shore every morning and my companion likes to go down to the pier and buy and look at the fish. Another cool thing here is that we live 1 minute from a park where we go play basketball every morning as our exercise time!

This last week they also sent us new pass along cards for the new Christmas video of the church.. I think its called Light the World, Ilumina el Mundo so we have been giving out tons of those everyday, and we write on the back the direction of the church and the hour so people can come find out more about our church! Its interesting here because the church only has 3 years..so a lot of people dont know anything about the church. We have been doing a lot of contacting and knocking some doors this week and it has been fun. Just last night we were knocking doors in a part of the island where the missionaries havent gone before and we were able to find a new family to teach! La familia Torres and it was a powerful lesson. They had been having some family problems in the home and we talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and why it is so important to have in the home and the family. They should be coming to church this next week so Ill keep you guys posted on them! As far as Jimmy he is still listening to us..but we meet with him in the jail..the police guys let us pass to teach him the word of God so its going well he is reading and praying. We also met another family, the Pisha family and theyre from northern Ecuador so my companion and them get along super well. and we are teaching their family they are some new investigators as well. 
3 NEFI 12.48
Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect.

One of my favorite scriptures...Christ is telling us what we need to strive for day to day. That we can become more like him..and through our faith and our prayers and our efforts we can do it and achieve everything. I love you guys!!

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