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1-9-17 LETTER

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys it means a lot. And sorry if this email looks boring its just that the exclamation point doesnt work on this keyboard hahaha. I passed the day pretty well dont worry I ate a super good lunch and even some cake at night. For lunch the mamita made us un parrillada which is like a bunch of grilled meats with rice and beans and patacones. Its probably my favorite plate here in Ecuador. I ate so much...and then we went on divisions with some of the leaders and the YSA. After that we went to visit the Rodriguez family and they invited us to dinner and made me a little cake that was super good.
And one of the members took a ton of photos that he sent me so you guys can see them all. 

Ask far as the work and the sector it has been good this last week. I am finally getting to know our sector because its honestly super huge. Theres a big populated downtown part, and then a part thats out in the country where everyone lives in houses made out of sticks and branches that all look like they are going to fall over. But I like being able to have a diversity of neighborhoods. And the majority is dirt roads and it has been raining a ton so they are all filled of water...and there are also a ton of stray dogs that like to bark at us and chase us so thats been pretty cool as well hahaha. A lot of the people are very humble and receptive to our message so it has been good. We brought 12 investigators to church yesterday so we are working with the ones that have real interests in the church. 

So my companion ELDER SALVATIERRA has 20 months in the mission. We also lived together when I was in Amazonas Centenario, and he also served in the same zone when I was in 25 de Julio so we already know eachother super well. He is from Cochabamba Bolivia. And for these next couple of weeks the APs have put us in another trio...so my other companion is Elder Gomez and he is from Peru and has 16 months in the mission. He is waiting for his companion to get here because he will be training. But I do have some experience in the trio in the MTC and in Cisne so no worries. The members here are great too...we had 152 in church yesterday so we started out the year strong here in Machala Central.

In other news this last week we had Mission Leadership Council and we got to take a bus to Guayaquil at 5 in the morning to get there by 9..and we were in the training all day and got back to Machala at 11 that night. But they made us a little booklet with information for the Zone Leaders and focused on how we can be Leaders just like Jesus Christ was during his ministry in Jerusalem. I enjoyed it a lot. It talked about how we need to believe in our missionaries..not just for who they are but for who they can become. Missionarys consecrated and dedicated to this work. It helped me a lot to see leadership from the Saviors aspect..it was a talk from President Spencer W. Kimball titled, Jesus, the perfect leader...I invite all of you to be able to read it and study it. And dont forget to keep going with your new years goals. I love you guys...until next week

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