Tuesday, January 10, 2017


 LightTHEWorld package from mission home

The Island and Ocean


12-5-16 LETTER

Well theres a new rule in the mission. I think some Elders were abusing their P day writing time...We can only write for 30 minutes now. So Im going to try to write the letter as fast as I can and with everything that has happened this last week!

SO we found someone who has been going to church for over a month and my last companion told me she was a member..but turns out she isnt!! So her name is Nancy and she is going to get baptised this weekend. And her parents gave us permission so everything is going to be great! Her name is Nancy Lucitena pray for her please so everything goes well with her baptism. We have also found some other families to work with this week, but none of them went to church yesterday so we are going to keep looking. Yesterday we also put the Christmas Devotional in the church with a projector and a bunch of the members came out to support and see it with us.  

Also I got to preside and conduct the fast and testimony meeting yesterday!! It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed it! Sure I was a little nervous beforehand but it went very well! Also there was a family of members from Canada that came yesterday and the father is a great great great great grandkid of Wilford Woodruff and he even had the huge beard to prove it so that was pretty cool too.

So this next week Hno. Gary told us that he is going to take us hiking to some waterfalls next P day so that should be a cool experience too. 

DYC 108.7 Therefore, strengthen your brethren in all your conversation, in all your prayers, in all your exhortations, and in all your doings.
This is a scripture super important for us. Its something that really has stood out to me being here on an island where the church is new and the members dont know a ton because everyone is a recent convert. We need to strengthen the testimony of everyone around us and we can do it through the example we show. Every day, every hour, every minute even every second we have these chances to serve and be a light to someone else. We need to take advantage of every one of these opportunities that the Lord gives us, and if we do it, the Lord will forgive our sins continually. Mosiah 4.26 

Anyways I love you guys thats all the time ive got!!!

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