Sunday, January 31, 2016


Brother Rivera & family

Villon family

Brother Rivera baptism

Hey Mom! This week was good! Sorry I wont have a lot of time this week to write. We had a medical appointment for my companion and we were stuck in buses for about 2 and a half hours today. But it was a good day! And a cool adventure finding this Dentists office in the middle of this huge city. And Im sure you guys know this but its raining pretty much nonstop now. I enjoy it because its a lot cooler with all the rain. 

My companion Elder Rodriguez is from Balvencia Colombia. He has almost a year in the mission, and he was able to serve in Cuenca for awhile so thats cool! He has a lot of cool stories of life up in the mountains, and that it is full of gringos. I guess a lot of people go there to retire. 

Yes Hermano Rivera was baptised this sunday! We did it before church at 2pm so that he could receive the Holy Ghost right after! The really cool part was that his son was able to baptise him. His son is a convert of maybe 5 months, and we could feel the S`pirit powerfully during the service. The baptisms are the same as in the US. We have the program with 2 talks, hymns, a special musical number, testimonies and a snack for after! The person that gives the talks are usually the friends that gave us the referral or the bishop, and sometimes the high priest group leader. And I was able to get some pictures this week for you guys too so thats awesome. 

Other than that we have been working hard! Knocking a lot of doors, working a lot with part member families, and contacting references. We have a lot of help from the members in this ward. There are a lot of the priesthood holders that like to go on appointments with us so that is very good! The members also love to prepare food for us when we visit them, and always cola. The people here drink Coca Cola like its water. Theyre my kinda people

I have been making some good progress on reading the Book of Mormon in spanish before general conference. As of right now I am in Mosiah Chapter 3. And I am doing something special with it. In preach my gospel one of the suggestions in studying the Book of Mormon is to highlight every reference to Jesus Christ and underline everything he said, did, and any prophecy about him. I have been learning so much that I did recognize or know beforehand. And I know you guys can learn so much by reading the scriptures everyday and really studying and meditating on the words. This week I have been studying the Manual teachings of President Howard W. Hunter, and this week I have been meditating on John 16.33. It is one of my favorite scriptures. That no matter what is happening in the world or in our lives, if we put our faith in Christ and his teachings, we also can overcome the world, and our own problems.


Elder Solari





Hey guys I got transferred this last week! For the first time and Ive already been out for more than 5 months! Tuesday at 9:30pm we got the call and I had to pack all my stuff in less than 30 minutes to catch a taxi to my new area! I am in ward 25th of July in the Pradera stake.(Sure if you put 25 de Julio, Guayaquil, Ecuador in Google maps it would show up, its a pretty huge highway) It is one of the other big zones here in Guayaquil. Its pretty funny, the church where we attend is only maybe 20 minutes wallking from Las Acacias. This sector we are in now is HUGE. I have 6 days here now, and my companion, Elder Rodriguez, has been in the sector for almost 2 weeks. The first few days were hard finding our way around but we are finally starting to get it down. Elder Rodriguez was with me in the other zone for almost two months so I already know him really well. We have been working hard and have already seen miracles here in this last week. 

When I got here, I heard there was a Brother Rivera who had a baptism date but it fell. He already had his interview with our leaders and the records were ready to go. But for some reason it fell, and neither of us knew why. So we went to visit this Brother Rivera this week Wednesday. Turns out he is a 77 year old man who has been investigating the church for some time now. We talked with him some more and he has a real desire to be baptised, and that he feels the church is true, but doesnt know for a fact yet. So this past week we have been working a lot with him. Turns out the prior missionaries had been pressing him big time to be baptized quickly. And it caused him to totally close to the missionaries for 2 weeks or so until we visited him, two totally new missionaries to the area, how about that? And he loves to go to church with his wife, but cant walk very well so we coordinated with members to bring them.We made sure that he would come to church with a question in his heart so he could receive an answer. And the whole three hours he told us, Ill tell you Tuesday If I am going to be baptized for my birthday in two months or not. And after church he was so excited he told us he wants to be baptised this Sunday! In 6 days! From the first day or two here telling us he wanted to wait months to telling us this Sunday is so amazing! I know it was because of the Spirit he felt during the church. It really is one of the only places on the earth where we can feel the Spirit so greatly. So we are preparing him for this week!

We always have success with references from members around here. You guys all need to give references to the missionaries in your wards! We have 7 or 8 other people we are preparing to be baptized that were references from some new converts. It is the best way to share the gospel with your friends, have them come over and then have the missionaries show up ´¨unexpectedly¨¨  Here we go to church at 3pm, and its been fun here as well with the rain. The house it a lot cooler too, and we have a balcony! Im going to try to send some pictures of it. The ward is about the same size, we have maybe 110 or so people that assist every Sunday. But the cool thing is they get here on time and dont arrive late like Acacias haha. 

General Conference is coming up, and we have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon before conference this April. We had to restart from where we were and finish before then. As of right now I am in 2 Nefi 16 in spanish! Its only maybe 8 or 9 pages a day and all you guys are going to be reading it in a language you fully understand. But really, I want to extend this same challenge to all of you guys. It doesnt matter where you are in the book of mormon, restart and read it from the beginning. You will learn so many new things you didnt understand before. Because the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion, and the most correct book of any in the history of the world. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and my testimony grows everytime I read it. And yours can too!

Love you Mom!

Elder Solari


As I am writing this letter it is pouring rain and I cannot hear the voice of my companion who is next to me. Its here! The time I have been waiting for! It helps a lot with the heat, and we dont use umbrellas. Only hermanas use those here in this mission!

We had a really good week here in Las Acacias. We had a baptism this Saturday! And it was such a great baptism service, we had huge support from members, and we bought a cake to bring. We have been working to reactivate the Fonseca Irrasaba family because they are inactive. And one of their children, Jose, had not been baptised. So we were able to activate the family and baptise Jose Saturday! He is 9 years old, and I do not have picture from the baptism yet. But all of the people that have baptism dates were able to see the baptism so that was great as well. We work hard to bring all of our investigators to the services. 

We had a mini birthday party at our zone meeting this last Saturday. We had cake, and they also sung to me in Spanish. Instead of candles, they use this firecrackers for the cake it was pretty cool. The other Elders brought their cameras so I am going to need to get the pictures from them to send to you guys in a week or two. The day was pretty normal, we had a good colombian food lunch, and worked all day long! 

Yesterday I had an experience that really grew and shaped my testimony so much. We heard of a hermana in the ward who has been unable to come to church for years and partake of the sacrament because she has been sick. The good thing is that the Deacons bring her the sacrament every week. So we went to visit her with a family in the ward...and this hermana was one of the first members of the church here in Ecuador. She is 94 YEARS OLD. And she has one of the most powerful testimonios I have ever heard in my life. And the fact that she is so strong in her own conviction and faith, regardless of her circumstances is amazing. We can all learn from an experience like this. Even if things in our life are going bad or we have struggles, this should not affect our faith and our conviction of the gospel. That through Christ, we can and will accomplish and overcome everything. 

The investigators are progressing well! Sorry I dont have a lot of time the power keeps going out in the cyber so we are out of time. I will try to get more written next week to catch you guys up.

I love you mom! Tell Dad to write me!

Elder Solari

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WEEK 21: 2016!

New Year's firework device

The rainy season begins!

This last week was great! 

It was New Years week and the people here partied all week long. The 31st and 1st we had to be in the house a little bit early at 6:30pm. We had some members brings us food so we were all good. Here in Ecuador for New Years they build these statues of TV characters and movies, and they stuff them with fireworks. So for New Years at midnight they burn them and blow them up, its a pretty cool tradition. A ton of them were minions, characters from kids tv shows, classic horror movies, star wars, all kinds! I have a picture or two I can attach of some smaller ones. It was so hard to sleep that night because our neighbors were burning them right outside the windows. We felt like we were in a war zone with bombs blowing up everywhere. They shook the house it was awesome. And all of the explosions were so bright. 

Not a whole lot happened this week. Just working hard and especially working with the people we are preparing to be baptised. This Friday the whole city was dead from all the partying during the night, it was impossible to talk to anyone. Everyone was sleeping or not in their houses. It was literally a ghost town, usually its so busy in the afternoon around 4pm but there was nobody.

I am still in Las Acacias, I have not been transferred yet but it should be any week now. Just today one of the other missionaries that arrived here with me got transferred. So I am just waiting..I do love this sector and the ward. They are helping us out so much with lessons and helping with the missionary work in the ward. I am excited to go see another part of Ecuador eventually though. Because our Zone Leaders pulled a joke last week and told me I had transfers, So I started getting everything ready and they called me 30 minutes later when I already had a bunch of stuff packed and told me it was a joke. I guess in latin america December 28th is Dia de Los Innocentes, like April Fools Day in the United States. They got me real good haha.

This week the rain finally arrived as well! Friday around 7pm while we were out proselyting it started to pour at 7pm and did not let up at all through the night. We got drenched. But it was so much cooler outside so it wasnt bad. We took some pictures to mark the first night of rain because this is probably going to continue for the next couple of months. 

Dang I am bummed about the package. I was so excited for it to arrive here.So are they going to send it back to you guys or is it just going to be trashed here? I am going to be 20 on Friday! Pretty cool. I got a christmas card from the Young family.

That is all the time Ive got. Hope you guys had a great new years! Start the year off right and set a goal to read the book of mormon! It is the best goal you can make this year. Read it everyday for atleast 15 minutes and your testimonies will grow so much I can promise you guys that! And read D&C as well! 

Happy New Year!
Elder Solari