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 Cerviche with squid, lobster, shrimp

 El Ciebo, a big treehouse

Ran into Elder Soto

11-14-16 LETTER

Yes I heard the news about Donald Trump..this last week a bunch of the members here were complaining to me and telling me that now they are not going to be able to get visas to come to the United States because theyre latinos. Thats super sad about all the riots and protests..it really shows a lot about how the world is changing no?? I think hes going to do a great job...I mean if hes a super successful businessman, he should be able to have success as the President of the United States. 

So today my companion has changes and is flying to Guayaquil..but I am going with him because a general authority 70 is coming to visit the mission this week. El Elder Godoy is our area president so Thursday and Friday we have meetings with him. And tomorrow arrive 28 missionaries so I am going to be in the office to help the secretary (Elder Barba) get everything ready and go receive them. So Saturday in the afternoon I should be back in San Cristobal. My new companion is going to be Elder Anrango..Hes from Otalvalo and the people from there are 'pure lamanites' so its going to be cool having him as a companion here. 

We had some investigators but they disappeared this last week...We think they might have been some illegals, or people that arent residents here. So we think they had to leave the island or got kicked off. We are also teaching Jimmy who is an investigator of the Elders who is in the jail here and should be coming out really soon, but progressing we dont have any yet but really soon we will!!! 

We also went up to El Progreso this last week and took some cool photos..dont have much time because we have a flight to catch but ill talk to you guys next week!! Love you all!!

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