Monday, August 22, 2016

WEEK 53: 1 ANO

8/15/16 Letter

Bueno familia para celebrar un año voy a escribir toda la carta en Español just kidding dont worry haha. 

This last week has been a blast. We keep working hard and finding new people to teach, this last week we focused a little bit more on less actives. Here in Batallon we have 762 members and only about 220 or so go to church every sunday. So we are trying to meet and know as many of them as we can so we can help strengthen the ward even more. It also helps us to find part member families (like ours) so we can get them to the temple and get the kids on missions! And about your question mom yes we have worked with families like ours..where everyone is a member and all the kids go on missions but the dad isnt a member. We are also working with one right now, the Bermejo family where the Dad is a less active who served a mission like 10 years ago and his wife is not a member. We actually see it a lot out here and it always makes me think about Dad and all the times missionaries would come over and teach him and have dinner. I know one day we´´ll get him!

In other news..we had a baptism this last week! Anthony! We have been teaching him for almost a month. Funny story how we found him..he had been going to seminary every night for weeks before the teacher told us he wasnt a member..he was super prepared because he already knew all the youth and we baptised him Saturday at noon! It was special because we have been teaching his mom and his brothers at the same time but they havent been able to come to church yet(Theyre not early risers). But they were able to make it for the baptism! His brothers names are Moises and Ezequiel, and his moms name is Martha so pray for them please! Another thing about the baptism is that the ward helped us buy a cake for the baptism so that was cool! And the confirmation went well Sunday as well.
Anyways thats all the time Ive got. I love you guys and I love this work! Remember that every only fo you guys are missionaries too and should share the gospel with all the people you meet! And if you have a question...ASK THE MISSIONARIES. 

I love you guys!

      Elder Solari

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