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7/4/16 Letter

Happy 4th of July! Today I celebrated wearing my US Flag tie! Hope you guys are all blowing things up and eating BBQ today! 

This last week President Torres left and President Moreno got in Tuesday. So Wednesday all of the missionaries in Guayaquil got together to have a quick conference with him. He is a really powerful guy, with a super strong testimony. Also, he doesnt know any English but him and his family are now starting to learn it haha. So far we havent seen any big changes on how he runs the mission. Because when the new President arrived the APs just kept running things how they did with President Torres. I am sure in the next month or two we will see some changes. One thing that changed is what we report every night to our leaders. So every night I call the missionaries in my district and take a report of what they did that day. So then I give the report to the Zone Leaders and they give it to the APs. So they just changed some of the number we report. I feel like the new President is going to be just as strict which is what I had hoped for. I will miss President Torres...He has been great to have leading this mission but I know President Moreno is the guy to replace him and lead the mission these next 3 years. 

So everything is going great with my new companion, Elder Rios. He came from the Office he was one of the Secretaries that types up all the documents and baptism forms. So we get along super well. He has been a great companion this last week and we have been working super hard. Its funny because almost all of the Elders from Peru are the same, they act the same, look the same and work the same. He is a lot like one of my past companions, Elder Diaz. So a couple of our investigators were super sad that Elder Egoavil had changes. This last Tuesday some of them cried because he we have been working to help them understand more of what we do as missionaries and how our time is limited in any given sector. 

Yes Sandra and the Alay family are still progressing. They have a baptism date for 2 weeks out and we are doing everything possible to help them keep progressing. We visit most of our investigators every single day. It talks a lot in Preach My Gospel about contacting them every day and it has helped a lot to keep them strong and progressing. 

One of my favorite foods from here is called Encebollado. Its 100% Guayaco. Its pretty much just a fish soop with yuca potatoes...but it is super good. 

I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the only way we can become converted to this Gospel. I read it every single day and every single day my testimony grows. Its is the most correct book on this earth! You guys need to read it every single day! I love you guys!

PS Fotos coming soon.
      Elder Solari

MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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