Monday, August 22, 2016


6-20-16 Letter

So this week we had a super cool surprise. So in our mission we get to go to the temple once a year because its in the Guayaquil North Mission. So in the mission we get 30 minutes every week to do family history Wednesdays. So I have started to get into indexing a little bit. Anyways Elder Egoavil was able to find ancestors in his family tree and he talked with President Torres so Wednesday we got to go to the temple in the morning! It was honestly such a great experience to be able to go and do a session. Also completely in Spanish and I understood everything perfectly hahaha.  I got some cool pictures so Ill send them today. I was also able to buy some more garments so that was good. 

So I was looking in the family tree and on your side of the family there is so much work done! But I want to start to work a little on Dads side and see if there are any names I can take to the temple. Maybe you can talk to him and Gran and ask for birth dates, names, death certificates so I can start to grow the tree more. I would love to be able to take some names and do some work in the temple here in Guayaquil. 

Ryam was confirmed yesterday and the members of the ward get along super well with them so that is awesome as well. Also with the new bishop we are starting to have a lot more activities. And we had 10 people in English class this last week. We taught them how to pray in English! 

Yeah funny story about those brown shoes I brought out here. So I hadnt been able to find shoe polish for like 9 months so I went to one of those street shoe polisher guys. And he was a pretty old guy and kinda messed up the shoes. So now they are a dark brown but I am working on fixing them and the color with the shoe polish you sent me! 

Guess what so I finally got the package! And it was pretty awesome! I think it was opened but I am not sure because it came full of stuff. Maybe you could send me a little list of what it had so I could verify? But dont worry the Giants shirt did arrive! I love it im going to use it every night and every morning with those Giants shorts I brought! 

Glad to hear the Giants keep killing it..and sad to hear about the Warriors..but the world will go on! 

So in the temple I also bought the book Teachings of the Presidents of the Church : Joseph Smith. I have been reading and studying it this week and it is honestly so powerful. It has helped me understand more about the Restoration and about what Joseph Smith was called to do. If you guys havent read it yet, you should. I have learned so much about his dedication and sacrifice serving the Lord with all his mind might heart and strength. I know that as we continue to serve the Lord, as a member missionary, magnifying our calling or just being a friends to other people, He will bless you guys so much. I love this work and I will keep going and going on no matter what happens. I know that Christ lives and that he watches over us. Love you guys!


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