Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 Elders with new member Andersson!!

 Guayaquil Temple

8-22-16 Letter

We have great news! Anthonys whole family came to church yesterday for the first time! I finally see them super excited to follow in his footsteps and be baptised! Things are going so good they even invited us to dinner tonight! We have had some awesome lessons with them this last week...they already have all the missionary lessons so we are sharing and reading a lot in the Book of Mormon with them. Its honestly the key in missionary work. If the investigators really read and meditate on what they are reading in the Book of Mormon, they will be able to know its true. Its one of the most important things I've learned here in the mission field. And I know it can work with Dad so start reading the Book of Mormon with him!

Its going great as a zone leader right now. I do love the opportunity to work more closely with all of the Elders here in the Zone. We try to do divisions with a couple companships every week to train them and know who they are teaching. A really cool opportunity that we have as Zone Leaders is that we also work a lot with the Stake President and the High Council I think its called in english? More than anything we do our best to lead through example..sure sometimes its hard but its rewarding because I am learning a lot more about myself and how to be a leader. And when there are companionships that dont get along we do everything we can to help them out..and this last week there were emergency transfers and we got another new Elder here. But every Saturday we have Zone meetings with just our zone and we get to train them and help them get better in teaching and finding situations...I love it!

One thing kinda weird but funny that is part of the culture here... Los Ecuatorianos dont like committing to anything! So we always invite everyone we talk to church on Sunday, and tons of people to be baptised...But the majority of them reply with 'Si Dios lo permite, me voy domingo.'' Which means to say ' If God wants me to go, Ill be there.'' And its funny because of course God wants you to go to church and keep his commandments!!! Sometimes its a struggle because they also use it as a polite way to say no because another thing... Ecuatorianos dont like being rude so they always beat around the bush with things. I honestly think its better to just say No because then we know not to waste our time with some people we teach hahaha.

We also went to the temple last week!!! So we took some cool pictures. Also we are working with Anderssons family and they are preparing to get baptised next month! Pray for them please! I love you guys my time is up!

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