Monday, August 22, 2016


Sounds like you guys are enjoying the heat! I know I sure am. It gets up in the high 90s everyday here so you guys arent alone! Thats awesome that Hannah is in Bali! I definitely want to study abroad when I get back...Id really like to go to Jerusalem and walk the Holy Lands. And yes I did get the Vitamin C. I only asked because I heard the office always looks through the package to take games and things out but none of that was in the package so all is well! So more than taking names to the temple I have been working on You should go on and look...I was able to find a lot of Dads side of the family because your side goes back to the 1500s. 

So like the title of my letter, my companion had transfers. Elder Egoavil is now in the 25th of July ward where I served almost 3 months ago. So I sent him with some things to send to the members and photos with our converts! My new companion is Elder Rios and he is from my group but went to the MTC in Colombia. He is from Peru and he should be getting here soon. Ill be in a trio with our ZLs until he arrives. So now I only have to wait! This last week we also went on Divisons with the APs so that was cool as well. And the districts were changed so now only the Hermanas (Mission Nurses) are in my district.  

President Moreno gets here tomorrow and President Torres leaves tomorrow! 

So this last Sunday we brought a couple families to church so it has been awesome. We have been teaching up a storm and basically running around the sector all day to have time to talk with and teach everyone. So for awhile we have been teaching a hermana named Sandra Vera. She was finally able to come to church today which was awesome. And she brought all of her neighbors to church as well! So we are preparing them all for baptisms in the next coming weeks. Its been a great experience teaching and helping her. Our first contact we knocked on her door. And we were talking and talking with her and she told us that we have the best church in the whole world! It really stood out to me. Thats when we knew we had to keep working with her. We usually meet with Sandra and her friends every night at like 7PM. And they always prepare food for us. So her neighbors are the Alay family...its a HUGE family and we are teaching all of them. 

The lessons here go really great. One of the tough things is that the literacy here isnt very high so we teach a lot with the picture book and we teach very simply. We usually always teach Dia De Reposo or keeping the sabbath day holy with an invite to come to church. Another thing we always do is the first contact with a person we always invite them to be baptized. So we study a lot to be prepared for questions, doubts, rejections to help them see the importance of being baptised like Jesus Christ. Because the majority of the people here are Catholic and have not read even a page of the Bible. So we always carry the Bible and the Triple Combination, and atleast 20 of the lesson pamphlets we always give out. This last Wednesday we gave out 8 copies of the Book of Mormon to our investigators! The work really is going so well down here. I feel so grateful to be able to participate in this great work.    

Thats about all the time Ive got..but I am excited to meet President Moreno!

I know that families can be together forever thanks to Christ and His sacrifice. We study it, we love it and we preach it every single day! Reach out to someone in need and share the gospel with somebody new. I love you guys!

      Elder Solari
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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