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7/11/16 Letter

Wow family this last week was great. First of all I got transferred! So I am now serving in the Cisne stake. Its in Guayaquil and I am in The Batallon ward (Batallon means ´´to battle´´) But thats not all! This zone has a history. It is the most dangerous of all the areas in the mission! But dont worry we are all doing just fine here. Its located in a part of Guayaquil called The Trinity Island. Im sure you guys can look it up on google and read all sorts of great things. But I honestly love it here so far. The ward is HUGE. There were 200 people in church on Sunday, its the biggest ward Ive been in here in the mission. And the members are all willing to help give references and visit our investigators and bring them to church so it lightens our load a lot!

So when they called me last Monday night they told me I would be training an Elder in his 12 week program because his trainer finished his mission. So I packed up everything and was all ready to do. So when the Elders got at our house to pick me up they told me that the plans had changed. So I was called to be a ZONE LEADER here in Cisne. I honestly feel super humble to be able to serve in such a capacity here in the mission. I remember when I was a new Elder and the impact my Zone Leaders had on me. I hope to be able to have the same impact on the Elders here in Cisne. In the Zone there are 12 Elders and 6 wards. So Cisne is known for another thing. Its where President sends all of the disobedient Elders so they can learn to be obedient and work hard and diligently. So in the 5 other companionships there are 5 really great missionaries and they are working with and helping 5 other missionarys to progress and change. So I feel like it is going to be a little bit of a challenge but so rewarding to be able to help these Elders. Another thing about being Zone Leaders is that we give the reports directly to the APs every night, so we work with them a lot and they come out and go on divisions and interchanges with us, and train us. 

So this last week President Moreno came to our church here in Batallon to give a baptism interview in person for one of the sectors in the Zone! And we were talking to him and he is honestly such a spiritual guy! So Friday we got to go to the office and have Interviews with him first individually and then together as Zone Leaders. He told us that we were the first missionaries he has interviewed here in the mission and was very impressed.  He informed us about a bunch of new rules he is putting in and going to put in. He is so very different from President Torres but I know he is going to do such a great job. He might even be allowing sports so Ill let you guys know soon! So when we were in the office of the mission that day so were the 14 elders who are finishing their missions. So they ALL missed their flight home in the morning due to a mistake with their passports so they were stuck in the office all day trying to find last minute flights to get them home before their homecoming talks Sunday. And Elder Tomlinson my trainer was there. The first thing he told me was ´´Im not dead yet´´ So it was super funny to see him. He is going to be out studying at BYU and I was able to say goodbye to a lot of the Elders I served with.

So my new companion is Elder Paim. He is the only Brasilian in the mission and he is the funniest guy ever. We spend the whole day working and laughing as we go. He came here only knowing Portugese so we both have had to learn Spanish. Before his mission he served in the Army in Brazil so I think thats why they sent him here to serve in Cisne. This guy doesnt fear ANYTHING. But so many funny things have happened to us this last week. I also had the opportunity to give baptism interviews this last week so that was a great experience as well.

This last week we worked hard on teaching investigators. This ward already has a huge program so we are working on growing it and helping all of them to progress. I am also trying to learn this huge sector quickly because I dont know for how much time Elder Paim will be here. For Pday in Guayaquil all the Zone Leaders go to the office in the morning to bring Baptism registrys, totals from last week and goals for this week for each misionary in the Zone. And then we went to print out the emails, buy from the store and then we always come back and cook lunch, clean and house and sleep. Its been a pretty laid back day but I am ready to start the week and start working! 

Also, if you guys could keep praying for Sandra Vera and the Alay family. My ZL from Centenario told me they are having a hard time and now dont even want to receive the Elders there because we both left so fast. So please keep praying for them so they can open their hearts again to the Gospel! 

 17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learnwisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.  

I know that what this scripture shares is true. If we want someone to feel Christs love we need to serve them. I know that as we serve others we can learn to love them, and sharing the Gospel with others is the best way that you guys can serve the Lord. I love you guys and am praying for you always. Remember to choose the right and The Lord will bless you.

      Elder Solari

MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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