Monday, August 22, 2016


8/1/16 Letter

Thats awesome everyone was there for the baby blessing! Baby Griffin definitely looks a lot like Caitlin haha I love getting the pictures of everyone! Looks like you guys are enjoying it there in Portland and to be united with Dad again is sweet! Keep sending more pictures!

Well this last week was interesting! My companion has been sick almost all week so we havent been able to work a whole lot! He ate something funny and had some kind of infection in his stomach or intestines...but dont worry he feels a lot better now! 

Our missionary handbook tells us that we should study teachings of the Prophets to learn how to be a recently I have been studying teaching of Joseph Smith. I am in chapter 34 and loving every single page. It has really made me reflection a lot about a leader and how they lead through example. As I study this book I want more and more to be the think of leader that Joseph Smith was. To always be an example even in the worst be worthy to receive the spirits guide in the exact moment I need it.  It has definitely been a humbling experience for me so far and I feel so grateful to be able to develop more of Christ attributes in my character. 

We are teaching a young adult named Jonathan, not sure if I have already told you guys about him, but we need you guys to pray for him! Yes he keeps progressing and his baptism date is coming up but we think he is still having some challenges! We have had some super good lessons with him this last week...we watched the video of the Restoration and of John Tanner. His family is really the problem with his progress, they dont support him but he wants to do it. He also has a fear of the trials that are going to come later in his life if he is baptised...but we are teaching him and are going to keep helping him so he can get baptised!

Another thing that happened this as ZL we have a monthly meeting with an Area 70, President Moreno and our Stake President, President Caza. It was an amazing experience. Only us 5 and we had a conference talking about the recent converts here in the Cisne stake. And it was in the Kennedy which is one of the biggest church here in Ecuador, by University of Guayaquil. We were able to talk about the progress of our work and our labors with a member of the 70, Elder Alvarez, and ask for advice and council for him on how we can work better with the members and the stake leaders. He shared so many cool stories from his life on his mission, as a bishop and a stake president. He shared with us that his Dad found out he was leaving on the mission the day before he had to report..and that they locked him in his room on the 4th story and he scaped tying together bed sheets to leave on his mission! Its so crazy all of the opposition we face when we are trying to do the good things in our lives! And where we can end up when we put the Lord first, and serve him with all our mind, might heart and strength. I    am honestly so happy to lose myself in so great a cause!! I love you guys!

The cyber is full of virus so I havent been able to send photos! Ill try to do it soon!

      Elder Solari

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