Monday, July 25, 2016


Apartment family of missionaries

6-6-16 letter
Well the end of this week I am going to reach 10 months in the mission so thats awesome! This week was a great week. Some cool things happened. So a new missionary got to the house and one of the other Elders is training for the first time. I like living with a new missionary because it makes me think about when I was new and learning about how to be a real missionary in the field. So this Saturday Elder Rasband is coming so the mission is getting all excited. It is honestly going to be one of the highlights of the mission im sure. How many times in my life am I going to be in a training conference with one of the 12 Apostles? So I was finally able to get some photos taken so Ill send them over.
I am still here in Guayaquil in the same sector but we did get a new Zone Leader! His name is Elder Salvatierra and he is from Bolivia. And the new missionary that got here is Elder Ibanez and he is from more than half the mission is from Peru haha. We all get along super well in the house.
I feel like some of my letters get kind of boring because I basically write the same thing every week haha.
Weve been working on finding new people that want to come to church. Because we have a ton of people we are teaching during the week and everything is going well...and then they dont go to church Sunday so its kind of a bummer. So we are searching, and yesterday they called a bishop so that should help the ward out a bunch! Saturday we gave the first English class and it was a success, like 6 people came but 2 of them are investigators. This Saturday we are hoping on atleast 10 people! In the mission they have these cool English teaching books that we use to help the Latinos learn English so we teach out of that.
Thats super awesome to hear that Jack ended up having a great season! And that the Giants are doing great!!! #EVENYEARMAGIC I know theyre going to win it again hahaha. And that you guys accepted an offer on the house thats sweet too!
Ill be sure to fill you guys in on the visit with Elder Rasband next week...And I studied a good conference talk this week. If you have a question, ASK THE MISSIONARIES. They(we) can help you with any and every question about the gospel. I love you guys! Keep it real
Elder Solari
Elder Solari

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