Monday, July 25, 2016


5-9-16 letter

Hey fam! It was great being able to see and talk to all of you yesterday. I hope you all had a great Mothers Day! Mine was awesome. So my companion had transfers, now he is in Santa Rosa. Now I am with another Peruano, Elder Guevara. He is from Trujillo Peru. He just reached a year in his mission this last Friday so he only has a little more time than me here in Ecuador. Hes a great missionary and we get along super well and work hard. We have a similar sense of humor hahaha. So I dont know if you guys remember my second companion, Elder Diaz, but they are from the same group. It was cool, when he skyped I got to talk to his family for a little bit. I love seeing pictures from the wedding! Nate is now married!

So this P day we wentup to Azogues again but with our new companions. These are the elderes in our district. We went up to one of the high points in Cuenca where they have one of these HUGE statues of ¨The Virgin of the Clouds´ Im pretty sure its a catholic thing. But it was super cool. The climb was pretty rough but the view was way worth it. Im sure you could look it up on Google to see how high it really is because im not sure. But we could see Cojitamba where we went last week and we were a lot higher today. So that was our P day adventure this week. 

So transfers this last week were crazy. I was in Azogues helping one of the missionaries in the district and had brought stuff to stay the night. So we get called by my companion at like 7pm and we had to go back because they would both have changes. So we hurry back as fast as we can, my companion gets all packed and we had to be at the bus terminal at 4am. So we go and we are put in a trio, Elder Milne, Elder Tomlinson(my dad in the mission) and I. So we finally get back to the house at like 5.30 and then the elder there calls us and tells us he still had the cellphone so we had to go back and get it. It was super funny because we got like 30 minutes of sleep that night. Heres the funny story of the week... So when we were coming back from the terminal at like 5am we were talking with the taxi driver about the gospel. So being super tired the first thing I said to him was ´´Como esta su hermana´´ And I meant to say ´´Como esta su manana.´´ So I asked him how his sister was doing...It was so funny we all started cracking up super hard.

Another cool thing that happened this week, I just got called to be a district leader TODAY. So Ill let you guys know how that is next week. 

PE Christ is the only Mediator between us and Heavenly Father! We can only be saved by Jesus Christ and nobody else. I know that he lives and that he loves us and wants us to be happy! I love you guys!

Elder Solari

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