Monday, July 25, 2016


5-16-16 letter

Well guys I was only in Cuenca for about a month. So this last week President Torres came for his last training before he finishes his mission! And it was a great day being able to hear from him and learn a lot. So this last Friday night I got transfered again! I am back in Guayaquil, and it may be hot but I am loving it here! I am in the Centenario Stake, the Amazonas ward. So as of right now I have served in 3 of the 5 Guayaquil South stakes. It is literally right across the river from where I was born in Las Acacias. I am honestly so happy and grateful to be back here again. I just love the people here in Guayaquil, theyre so open and love talking to just about anyone. So its great for sharing the gospél. Its like the opposite of the people in Cuenca haha. And I already know how to work in Guayaquil so we are getting work done!
Being a district leader is pretty cool. In Cuenca there were 3 other companionships in my district. 2 Elders and 4 Hermana. So Really it just means that during district meetings every week I share about how the district can get better in teaching, finding and inviting people. So we always do a lot of practices. I am also like the middle man between the missionaries in my district and the Zone Leaders. So if they need anything theyll call me and then I can informe the Zone Leaders or we can take care of it. So what is happening in the mission soon is that a bunch of people are ending their missions. In the next 2 months over 50 missionaries are ending their mission...and I dont think we will be receiving enough to keep all of the sectors open. So the APs and President are getting a bunch of the Elders ready to be Zone Leaders and Trainers.
So here in Guayaquil my companion is Elder Eogavil, he is also from Perusalen (Thats how they call it in this mission) There are more missionaries here from Peru than from any other country. He has a little bit over a year in the mission. But the APs just called us RIGHT NOW and now he has changes. So I will be getting another companion later tonight. Which means I do not have a lot of time to write because he has to go back. The transfers are super weird because President Torres has only like a month left! And I only have 3 days in this sector and I do not remember where anyone lives. We are just going to have to rely on the Lord a bunch this next coming week hahaha.
So the training with President Torres was awesome because it was only with about 30 of us. So we were able to ask a bunch of questions. So he talked about one of the goals of the mission, and that goal is that we become disciples of Jesus Christ. He talked about the difference in being a member and being a disciple. That a member keeps the Sabbath day holu by going to church, but that a disciple keeps the sabbath day holy for 24 hours. And that a member pays their tithing, but a disciple pays their tithing and a generous fast offering. He made a bunch of comparisons that were super eye opening for us. He is already set apart as a 70 and has already had chances to leave the mission on church business in Peru.
I know that this gospel is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that we need to read it, meditate on it and study it every single day! It is something I am going to be reading for the rest of my life...because everytime I read it I learn something new and grow. And I know you guys can too. It is the most correct book of every book that has ever been written and if you guys do not have a testimony of the Book of Mormon I personally invite every single one of you to pick up a copy and read it! I know you guys can come to know its true.

Love you guys!

Elder Solari

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