Monday, July 25, 2016


5-30-16 letter

Well this last week was super great. I am still here in barrio Amazonas and I am loving every minute of it. We have been working really hard to get to know a bunch of the less actives and inactive members of the ward. We have a huge list so a lot of the week we were searching for their houses and visiting a lot of members so that we can keep finding more people to teach. Our sector is pretty small too. Its like 10 blocks by 8 blocks. 

So almost all of the people here have talked to the missionaries at least once. We are trying to strengthen the ward and have more activities. There are like 80 people going to church every week and over 300 members in the wards list. And if we have more activities, the members will bring their friends and we will have more people to teach! So this week we are going to start having English classes Saturday at 3pm.

So the other 2 Gringos in the zone are both from Utah. St. George and South Jordan. 

And no we still do not have a bishop in the ward. They have been without one for sometime...and its hard not having one. Because is the bishop works, the whole ward works and does their visits. But since we dont have a bishop, nobody is working so were trying to motivate the ward. 

So I dont have a whole lot to write or any pictures because were here in Guayaquil...But I am doing great out here in Ecuador. 

So in my personal study I finished John in the New Testament. It was honestly so cool studying Christ´s mortal ministry. Being able to study the 4 gospels and really compare them and learn so much more about His life and what He did for us. I want to invite you guys to do the same and study our Saviours life. I know that Christ lives and that He loves every single one of us. And that we, too, can overcome all trials in this life. I love you guys!

Elder Solari

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