Monday, July 25, 2016


5-2-16 letter
P-day in Cuenca

So this last week we did not work a whole lot like I would have liked but we did get some things done. So what happened is that my companion got super sick several months ago and now he has a problem walking. So we were stuck in the house for 2 days and he could not leave and work. I took advantage of the time though, studying so much in the New Testament and Doctrine and Covenants. Another thing that happened this week, some sister missionaries arrived in Cuenca Thursday because one of them was super sick. So when they got to the hospital we had to bring them food and help them out a bunch. Our leaders here in Cuenca always tell us that the Elderes priority is the Sister missionaries...and I learned that as well this last week. But dont worry the Sister is fine now and my companion is feeling better too. He only has like 3 weeks until he finished his mission. So I am just trying to help him a ton so he can finish his mission strong. 

So today for P day we went to Azogues. Its like right outside of Cuenca, and the other Elderes in our district serve there. We went and hiked some cool mountains and took some cool pictures. The place was called Cojitamba. It was like an old indian site where they lived a long time ago. We were up over 10,000ft!

Marcos is doing great, his baptism is scheduled for this weekend. This Sunday was super special because I guess he told the Bishop he wanted to join the church...and later the bishop shared this with us. Its such a great thing to hear because he has been investigating the church for some time. But that really sealed the deal and we know now that he is ready for sure. 

I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes with you guys today: 
´´Una religion que no requiere el sacrificio de todas las cosas nunca tiene el poder suficiente para producir la fe necesaria a fin de llegar a la vida y a la salvacion´´
Im not sure but who but I think its Joseph Smith. For those of you that dont speak Spanish: A religion that does not require sacrifice of all things will never have power sufficient to produce the faith necessary to reach eternal life and salvation.´´ Something like that.

I dont have a bunch of time today to write sorry guys!

Love you!

Elder Solari

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