Monday, July 25, 2016


5-23-16 letter

Well not a whole lot happened this week. 

Yes we are getting ready for when Elder Rasband comes. Last week we all had to print out a talk he had given and we have to read it and study it before he comes. Its called ´´The divine calling of a missionary´´ Its super good you guys should pick it up and read it. I think Im just going to ask him some questions about his experience on the mission and the things he learned. I love hearing stories from other returned missionaries because in every part of the world the mission experience is different. Do you guys maybe have a questions or two you want me to ask him? I think we are going to be there with over 300 missionaries so I am not sure how its going to go haha.

The teaching pool here in Guayaquil is awesome. We are teaching a couple families right now and some couples and then some individual people. We pass the whole day teaching and visiting investigators so we do not have to knock a whole lot of doors. The ward is cool. We havent had a bishop in this ward for almost 6 months so they are looking desperately for someone to call. So right now its just the 2 counselors working. Yeah you guys can pray for them that they can keep progressing that would be awesome. The Garcia family, The Avellanos, Julio Roncillo, Carlos Mendoza, Lucia Sanchez, Freddy Gomez, Ryam Tomala, Maria Vistero, Ubaldo Montoya and Alejandro Ramirez. We could use all the prayers possible so they can keep coming to church and that their desires can grow!

So I love the sector here. In our house live 6 Elders in total. So my companion Elder Egoavil(Who lied about having changes last week hahaha) and I, Our Zone Leaders Elder Williams and Elder Bleazard and the Elders from Maricaibo, Elder Prado and Elder Chota. So there are 3 gringos and 3 Peruanos in our house. Its pretty fun living with a bunch of other Elders because all the other houses have only been with my companion. So P day we all play Uno and we go and eat togethers its super tight. So this last week was my companions birthday so we ate a bunch this week. Theres a picture with his cake and then one with a member that went on visits with us on his birthday. 

So this week a bunch of missionaries are ending their missions so this coming week 14 missionaries should be getting into Guayaquil. Everybody in the house is convinced I am going to be training one of the new missionaries in this sector so we will see how it goes. Its because our sector is a little bit safer than the rest so Ill get you guys know what happens. Another thing that happened this week is that we got a new AP...which is actually a huge deal in the mission. Because the other 2 had been there for over 9 months and end their missions the end of this month. The new AP is Elder Smith, who was my Zone Leader for those 3 months In The Pradera stake. 

I just wanted to share my testimony about mission work. I know this is the most important work here in the world and that Im here in the right place. In the middle of earthquakes and signs of these last days. Its why everyday we have to give it our all here in Ecuador because the Lords coming is soon! I hope that we can all be prepared in every moment for when he comes...I love you guys! Stay strong!}

Elder Solari

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