Monday, December 12, 2016


Jonathan baptism

Baptism with Elder Paim
10-17-16 Letter

Hey everyone! I have some super great news! After being here in Batallon for almost 3 and a half months and teaching Jonathan for that whole time....He was baptised this last Saturday! I cant describe how I felt that night being able to see someone we have taught for long enter into the water to be baptised! The service was great we filled the baptism room because he already knows so many of the members of the ward. And yes almost all of the YSA went and they sang a special musical number. He asked for Elder Paim to baptise him so the APs came to the service as well. I know hes going to stay strong in the church and his MOM came to the baptism. And it opened the doors and now we are teaching her as well her name is Blanca. This last week not a whole lot happened...just getting ready for the baptism and knocking doors and finding a bunch of new people to teach. 

I honestly feel like the more time I have in the mission...the less time I have to write you guys haha we are keeping super busy right now. We have just been working a lot. We have been working a bunch with references and contacting in the street. Well I love you guys a bunch take care! Ill put a few pictures from the baptism. 

As far as some things Id like for christmas are tie clips...Like a bunch of cool ones with temples, the Portland Temple and whatever other ones you can find, and in different colors. Thats tough to hear about the Giants but next year we can get it! 

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