Monday, December 12, 2016


Jonathan with trio of missionaries

Apartment missionaries
10-10-16 Letter

Well this last week we have been working in a trio so it has been pretty fun! Its reminded me a little bit of our experience in the MTC in the trio with Elder Barba and Elder Sheppard..but we really have been exploding finding a bunch of new people to teach. The mission keeps changing. A couple of weeks ago we had zone meetings every Saturday but now we are going to have them once a month and theyre going to be Zone Training Meetings. So its kinda nice for us because we dont have to plan meetings every weekend but I kinda miss it getting the whole zone together every weekend. But we do still have normal district meetings every Tuesday so thats going fine. Another change that is going on is Friday Elder Erickson is flying home. We always got along so well hes such a funny guy. So Ill be here working with Elder Terrones in our sector..he has 19 months in the mission so this might be his last sector. 

We have Jonathans baptism scheduled for this Saturday! Its finally here and he is super excited for his baptism it is honestly going to be great. I have been teaching him here for over 3 months and I feel so blessed to be here for his baptism. We have been working hard to get everything ready for him and for this Saturday. We are going to have all the YSA there to support him in his baptism.

Dont worry Ill keep praying for the Giants. EVEN YEAR MAGIC. And Ive been trying to write Hannah but she hasnt written me since August so thats one thing haha. I love you guys dont forget to do your Family Home Evening. Until next week!

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