Monday, December 12, 2016


9-26-16 Letter

Well this last week was full of miracles here in our sector! So general conference is coming up this week and its the best time of the year to bring investigators to church and have them feel the spirit listening to the Prophet and the Twelve. So this last week we have focused on finding new people to bring to conference and prepare to be baptised!! So we were able to find a few...

This last week we got a reference from a RM in our ward...and it turns out its his girlfriend and they want to get married and she wants to get married in the temple so when we got to his house she was basically asking us when she could get baptised. Her name is Jennifer and if everything goes well she is going to get baptised this weekend! She came to church yesterday and met the bishop and the members and loved it. We had a super powerful experience this last week teaching her. The first lesson we taught is the restoration and we felt the spirit super powerfully. She told us that a couple of years ago she prayed and had that same exact experience and feeling as when we were teaching her and talking about The Book of Mormon. I love being able to teach and testify about the Book of Mormon because it is the keystone of our church and religion. Its also the key to a real conversion.

So another is a reference from  Hno. Najera that always goes on visits with us. So he has a niece that lives with them that we thought was a member but turns out she this next week she is going to be baptised too because she had already been going to church for over a month before they even told us! Her name is Karla and she already has a ton of friends in church and when we invited her to be baptised she said ´´YES I have been waiting for you guys to ask me!´´ And she is going to be baptised for general conference as well. She is super excited and the ward is super excited to be able to have more members and converts in the church!

We are also going to have another baptism in La Isla Trinitaria because right now the sector is closed and there are not Elders. But my companion served there so we have been working there a little bit just to finish up the program they had. His name is Fabricio and his story is super cool. So his brother got in a super bad car wreck and he promised God that if his brother got better(and he did) that he would find Him and go to church...and thats when we found him! He is super stoked for his baptism and he gets along super well with the members...He is super convert and cant wait for his baptism!!

Also Jonathan is super super close and fasted this last weekend to see if he should be baptised for conference...and we have an appointment with him tomorrow so pray for him please!!

And tomorrow we have Mission Leadership council so that should be exciting.

Romanos 1.16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

 I just wanted to share with you guys a scripture that I have been thinking about a lot this week.. I have learned so much about sharing the gospel on my mission...I have grown so much. And I can honestly say that I feel this same way...we all should. I have learned not to fear sharing the gospel with anyone because its our responsibility as followers of Christ. The worst thing that can happen is that they will say no and then we can share this gospel with the next one! I challenge you guys to share the gospel with someone new this week! I love you guys a ton!

(I left my camera in the house this week)

      Elder Solari

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