Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WEEK 57: 13 Month Transfers

 Martha and Bryan baptism

 Isla Triniteria

Najera family

9-12-16 Letter

Well this week there are transfers. Elder Paim is being changed to Centenario, Centenario and is going to be the new Assistant! He is going to be working a lot in the mission office. Super exciting. I am also going to be getting a new companion, Elder Erickson, and I am going to train him to be a Zone Leader! Hes from Utah and he is going to finish his mission in about a month so in mission terms ´I´m going to kill him´ Im grateful for this chance to train and help him to finish his mission strong. Well another thing that is happening in the Zone...they are going to take out the missionaries de Isla Trinitaria so for awhile we are only going to have 10 Elders here in the zone. I think its only going to be for a few months because next month arrive 18 missionaries and in November arrive 24 missionaries so we are going to be opening a ton of new sectors. So I spent 2 days last week in Isla Trinitaria to know the area and meet the people the Elders have been teaching so we are going to be working a little bit more in this sector as well...

So Sunday after church we went so Elder Paim could say goodbye to a bunch of the families of the ward..and every house we went to gave us a ton of food to eat..like I was probably offered atleast 5 pounds of rice, and so many postrys but it was awesome haha. 

OH GUESS WHAT! Martha and Bryan were baptised and confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yesterday! Funny story...so we had postponed their baptism for this week but Friday they called us and informed us that Elder Paim was going to have transfers..so we told them Friday so it wouldnt surprise them and the mom told us si o si that Elder Paim had to be there for the baptism so we baptised them after church! It was a great baptism service..Tons of members went, we bought a cake and cola, and even some friends of them that arent members went so we are going to start teaching them as well! Im so happy I could help this whole family be baptised..First Anthony and then his mom and brother! I love being able to serve the Lord in this capacity and I know that He makes this conversion process possible for everyone we teach. Something Hna. Martha shared in her testimony is that when we met them and started teaching them the family was destroyed, there wasnt any unity or love in their home. And she said that now the family is whole different, that the Lord has unified the family and made them whole. I love that so much because its true. This Gospel helps families, and every kind of problem they can have because the Church focuses in the family..its the most important thing that God has given us so that we can progress and learn and become better people. 

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