Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Payasos = Clowns

8-29-16 Letter

This last week was great! We have been working super hard with the ward directory trying to get around and meet ALL the members, actives and inactives. We still have another 15 pages to go in the directory but its been a good start! We have been able to find some super cool families less actives that we are bringing back to church..and we have also been able to find some new people to teach! One his name is Hugo, and his younger brothers are less actives, but he hasnt been baptised. We met him because he started working in the Stake Presidents store so we are already teaching him! And he went to church yesterday so he preparing for his baptism in about a month! As far Anthonys family, they came to church yesterday and are going to be baptised not this weekend, but next week! So pray for them a lot please! Martha and Bryan Vazquez. Anderssons family is doing well, the mom is progressing a lot more than the Dad because sometimes he has to work Sundays. But they are both doing well, they are reading the Book of Mormon together and praying together and going to church so its only a matter of time! They dont like feeling pressured so we arent trying to rush anything with them but they do have a baptismal date for the end of this month! 

Another thing thats been going on this week is that we havent had any running water in the house almost the whole week! So we have been taking showers at the other Elders house every morning. And today marks the search for a new apartment here in Guayaquil! Wish us luck! I have also been using the same clothes for 3 days because we havent had water to wash them haha thought Id give you guys an update! I love Guayaquil! But honestly other than the water situation thing everything here is going great!!!

I read this super cool talk by James E Faust this last week. Titled 10 things I want my grandkids to know before they go on a mission. It was great. One of the points I loved is that it said the key to missionary work is the effort we put in. You dont need to know all the scriptures, you dont need to be brilliant, you dont need to only focus in baptisms. We just have to give our best and take advantage of every moment we have to share the gospel. And this doesnt only apply to full time missionaries...it also applies to the members of the church! I dont know how to change this to English but one quote from the talk was ´´Lo que produce la conversion es la verdad simple y pura que el espiritu confirma, cuando va acompanado del testimonio de un humilde siervo del Senor´´ I invite you guys to read the talk!! Especially anybody that is preparing to go out on the mission field or has the desire to accept the call to serve. 

I took more money out this week because I found a place that can do adjustments in the shirts I have so you guys dont have to send me more shirts. The shoes are all holding up great! And for your questions Im not sure..all I know is contacts here are super expensive and hard to find but Ill try and see what I can do. 

I love you guys!

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