Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 Andersson and parents with Elders

 Elders with Bro. Moreda

Painting a door

9-5-16 Letter

Well this last week was great! Ive already got 2 months here in Batallon and I feel like I finally know the sector and how to get around and get to the members houses. As far as progressing investigators were still teaching the Hurtados and the Vazquez family, and Jugo and we picked up teaching Jonathan again! So Martha and Bryan didnt come to church this last week so we are probably going to postpone their baptism for another week or so, they were sick and didnt want to get up early. But they are still reading and praying and going to the activities so were excited for them. Also Andersson´s family came to church this last week, both of his parents! His dad didnt have to work so he was able to come as well and they had a great experience. We visit them like every other day during the week and he is a chef so he always cooks super good food for us! This last week he did a pasta alfredo with chicken and a salad and rice.(Picture included) It was amazing. The mom introduced us to her family that lives next door so now we are teaching them as well and they are progressing! Honestly, almost all the references we get are from investigators and theyre always golden investigators so we are working with them now as well. One thing that we have been doing again to find new people to teach is that we are giving english and portguese classes and it has been working a lot as well. The people love being able to learn little things to say in other languages. Its another way we have been having success. 

Another cool thing that happened this week. Tuesday we did splits so Elder Paim could do a baptismal interview. So we get to the house of the Vazquez family for our appointment and they cooked a HUGE dinner for us, which is weird because here lunch is the big meal. So she cooked us rice and beans with fried chicken. Here its called arroz con menestra y pollo broster. And of course the ´´medicine´´ Coca Cola´´ It was funny because it was Elder Sandovals birthday so we told him we had planned it for his special day.ll send some pictures dont worry. So this plate is what they eat here almost every single day but I love it...I am defintiely going to bring it to the states with me. 

This last week we had another meeting with President Moreno and our Stake President, President Caza. We were able to talk with them about each ward and its challenges and strengths to try to help them improve. The mission is focusing a lot now on service. We are implementing plans in our zone to do bigger service projects every week for people that live here in the stake, and we are trying to get everyone involved. Its one of the things different about our church, we are so service orientated, and I know its going to help us share the gospel in positive way. Another cool thing is that President Caza told President Moreno to send us to the Galapagos because we are working super hard so look out we might be going soon! 

Yes we got the water issue fixed in the apartment so now we are living great and the apartment is clean again. I am relieved we dont have to change houses because it gets in the way of our work time!

Well thats about all the time ive got so here are some pictures for you! Love you mom!

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