Monday, February 22, 2016

WEEK 28: 22 FEB

District meeting


Carne de Bola

Happy Birthday Mom and Hannah!

First off, sorry the emails didnt go through last week. I sent them and everything because we had time to write. Weird. They went through for my companion so I dont know what happened. But no I did not get transferred, I am still in ward 25th of July in the Pradera Stake here in Guayaquil. Its been a pretty exciting week!

Every month in the mission we have Leaders Council, its where all the Zone Leaders get together and meet with the mission President and talk about the work and how its progressing. Anyways our Zone Leaders usually have a meeting with us after to let us know how it went and the important things we need to know, changes in the way we work, things like that. So I guess the Mission President got a letter from Church HQ talking about how we need to ´´Apresurar la Obra.¨´ Which means hurry up the work. We are supposed to hear more about it this week so Ill let you guys know what that means. So in the mean time you can speculate about that.

This week we have been changing how we work a little bit. We are using a lot of lists and databases of less actives and part member families. Or in other words, we are knocking a lot of doors getting references from everything so we can grow our program. We have baptized a lot of the people that were progressing so now we are on the hunt to find the people that are already prepared to receive us. We can see the blessings every day when we tract and contact and find families that we can work with.

Saturday we have a really cool stake activity thats focused on the mission work. Its called the 3 degrees of Glory. And we are looking forward to having a ton of new investigators to teach from this activity. And at the end of the night we are going to have some baptisms. Its going to be a really cool activity. Its really going to help us missionaries to meet a ton of people we can teach and bring to church. 

In the Book of Mormon I am just starting 3rd Nefi, on track to finish before conference! This picture is of a really good soup. Its called Carne de Bola or something like that in spanish. You guys should try it if you get the chance!

Remember the words that EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY. Or from our Prophet Thomas S. Monson that´´Now is the time when the members and missionaries have to work together in the Lords Vineyard´´ Go out on visits with the missionaries and help in the Lord Vineyard! You will be blessed for it

I love you Mom! Happy Birthday!


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