Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WEEK 30: 7 MONTHS almost

P-Day food!

Rain up to the knees!
Missionary Desk

Hey fam! I have not received the package yet, but our Zone Leaders have meetings every PDAY in the office so I should get it in the meeting we have tomorrow morning, but Ill let you guys know next week if it finally got here or not! And yes I did get the package from grandma with caramels and fudge, it was so amazing! And I also got some cool letters from one of the Primary classes in our ward some time ago too. Thats weird that the letter got returned, did he pay enough postage? But something weird in the letter? Im not sure but I have been able to receive a few letters from friends.

The girl we were teaching, Charlotte, we havent been able to find her. She was here staying with her Grandma who is really Catholic and wasnt happy that we were teaching her granddaughter. So I think she sent her away to live with her parents again so we could not continue teaching her. But I know she will be able to find the church and the missionaries whereever she is. But we have found a lot of cool new people to teach this week as well. Not sure if you guys remember Angel, one of our converts about a month ago. But recently his stepbrother arrived to live with him and were preparing him to be baptized the end of this month! His name is Adonis and he is progressing well, and he went to church this last week! 

We have a bunch of investigators at church yesterday and several of them left Progressing! Progressing Investigators in our mission means they have a baptismal date set and are going to church every week. Because of this we were able to go to the Mall for an hour today! We found Carls Jr..and It was the first American Burger I have had in a long time. Its a lot different than the usual rice we eat! I also bought a soccer jersey! Here in Guayaquil, there are two main teams that play, Barcelona and Emelec, and they are the hugest rivalry. Anyways I finally chose my team and bought a Barcelona jersey! I forgot to take a picture but Ill get one sent this next week. And I was finally able to find a 4-pointed pen! (Its a pretty big deal here in our mission)

The work is definitely progressing quickly out here. Recently we got some new plans to help speed up the work from the Area 70. Once it gets implemented the work is really going to explode. There are 10 missionaries in our zone, and this weekend we are going to have 8 baptisms! And we are going to have another Noche Blanco and hold one big baptismal service!

We also have had some gnarly rain this week. It was almost up to my knees and it was honestly a blast working in the rain. And it was a lot cooler. People were looking at us like we were crazy it was a great experience.

The contact lenses are doing great. I have maybe 4 months left before I am going to need some new ones. With the heat and sweating, I almost never use the glasses because it would be more difficult.

I finished 3rd Nephi this week and I really would reccommend reading it. The first time I read the Book of Mormon it was in 3 Nephi 11 when I really felt the spirit and found out the Book of Mormon is true. 3 Nephi 11:10. Reading it is the only way you guys will be able to find out if its true or not! Read it, meditate on it and pray about it and by the power of the Holy Ghost you will. Thats all the time I have but I love you guys Ill talk to you next week!

Love you Mom!


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