Sunday, January 31, 2016


Brother Rivera & family

Villon family

Brother Rivera baptism

Hey Mom! This week was good! Sorry I wont have a lot of time this week to write. We had a medical appointment for my companion and we were stuck in buses for about 2 and a half hours today. But it was a good day! And a cool adventure finding this Dentists office in the middle of this huge city. And Im sure you guys know this but its raining pretty much nonstop now. I enjoy it because its a lot cooler with all the rain. 

My companion Elder Rodriguez is from Balvencia Colombia. He has almost a year in the mission, and he was able to serve in Cuenca for awhile so thats cool! He has a lot of cool stories of life up in the mountains, and that it is full of gringos. I guess a lot of people go there to retire. 

Yes Hermano Rivera was baptised this sunday! We did it before church at 2pm so that he could receive the Holy Ghost right after! The really cool part was that his son was able to baptise him. His son is a convert of maybe 5 months, and we could feel the S`pirit powerfully during the service. The baptisms are the same as in the US. We have the program with 2 talks, hymns, a special musical number, testimonies and a snack for after! The person that gives the talks are usually the friends that gave us the referral or the bishop, and sometimes the high priest group leader. And I was able to get some pictures this week for you guys too so thats awesome. 

Other than that we have been working hard! Knocking a lot of doors, working a lot with part member families, and contacting references. We have a lot of help from the members in this ward. There are a lot of the priesthood holders that like to go on appointments with us so that is very good! The members also love to prepare food for us when we visit them, and always cola. The people here drink Coca Cola like its water. Theyre my kinda people

I have been making some good progress on reading the Book of Mormon in spanish before general conference. As of right now I am in Mosiah Chapter 3. And I am doing something special with it. In preach my gospel one of the suggestions in studying the Book of Mormon is to highlight every reference to Jesus Christ and underline everything he said, did, and any prophecy about him. I have been learning so much that I did recognize or know beforehand. And I know you guys can learn so much by reading the scriptures everyday and really studying and meditating on the words. This week I have been studying the Manual teachings of President Howard W. Hunter, and this week I have been meditating on John 16.33. It is one of my favorite scriptures. That no matter what is happening in the world or in our lives, if we put our faith in Christ and his teachings, we also can overcome the world, and our own problems.


Elder Solari

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