Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WEEK 21: 2016!

New Year's firework device

The rainy season begins!

This last week was great! 

It was New Years week and the people here partied all week long. The 31st and 1st we had to be in the house a little bit early at 6:30pm. We had some members brings us food so we were all good. Here in Ecuador for New Years they build these statues of TV characters and movies, and they stuff them with fireworks. So for New Years at midnight they burn them and blow them up, its a pretty cool tradition. A ton of them were minions, characters from kids tv shows, classic horror movies, star wars, all kinds! I have a picture or two I can attach of some smaller ones. It was so hard to sleep that night because our neighbors were burning them right outside the windows. We felt like we were in a war zone with bombs blowing up everywhere. They shook the house it was awesome. And all of the explosions were so bright. 

Not a whole lot happened this week. Just working hard and especially working with the people we are preparing to be baptised. This Friday the whole city was dead from all the partying during the night, it was impossible to talk to anyone. Everyone was sleeping or not in their houses. It was literally a ghost town, usually its so busy in the afternoon around 4pm but there was nobody.

I am still in Las Acacias, I have not been transferred yet but it should be any week now. Just today one of the other missionaries that arrived here with me got transferred. So I am just waiting..I do love this sector and the ward. They are helping us out so much with lessons and helping with the missionary work in the ward. I am excited to go see another part of Ecuador eventually though. Because our Zone Leaders pulled a joke last week and told me I had transfers, So I started getting everything ready and they called me 30 minutes later when I already had a bunch of stuff packed and told me it was a joke. I guess in latin america December 28th is Dia de Los Innocentes, like April Fools Day in the United States. They got me real good haha.

This week the rain finally arrived as well! Friday around 7pm while we were out proselyting it started to pour at 7pm and did not let up at all through the night. We got drenched. But it was so much cooler outside so it wasnt bad. We took some pictures to mark the first night of rain because this is probably going to continue for the next couple of months. 

Dang I am bummed about the package. I was so excited for it to arrive here.So are they going to send it back to you guys or is it just going to be trashed here? I am going to be 20 on Friday! Pretty cool. I got a christmas card from the Young family.

That is all the time Ive got. Hope you guys had a great new years! Start the year off right and set a goal to read the book of mormon! It is the best goal you can make this year. Read it everyday for atleast 15 minutes and your testimonies will grow so much I can promise you guys that! And read D&C as well! 

Happy New Year!
Elder Solari

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