Sunday, January 31, 2016


As I am writing this letter it is pouring rain and I cannot hear the voice of my companion who is next to me. Its here! The time I have been waiting for! It helps a lot with the heat, and we dont use umbrellas. Only hermanas use those here in this mission!

We had a really good week here in Las Acacias. We had a baptism this Saturday! And it was such a great baptism service, we had huge support from members, and we bought a cake to bring. We have been working to reactivate the Fonseca Irrasaba family because they are inactive. And one of their children, Jose, had not been baptised. So we were able to activate the family and baptise Jose Saturday! He is 9 years old, and I do not have picture from the baptism yet. But all of the people that have baptism dates were able to see the baptism so that was great as well. We work hard to bring all of our investigators to the services. 

We had a mini birthday party at our zone meeting this last Saturday. We had cake, and they also sung to me in Spanish. Instead of candles, they use this firecrackers for the cake it was pretty cool. The other Elders brought their cameras so I am going to need to get the pictures from them to send to you guys in a week or two. The day was pretty normal, we had a good colombian food lunch, and worked all day long! 

Yesterday I had an experience that really grew and shaped my testimony so much. We heard of a hermana in the ward who has been unable to come to church for years and partake of the sacrament because she has been sick. The good thing is that the Deacons bring her the sacrament every week. So we went to visit her with a family in the ward...and this hermana was one of the first members of the church here in Ecuador. She is 94 YEARS OLD. And she has one of the most powerful testimonios I have ever heard in my life. And the fact that she is so strong in her own conviction and faith, regardless of her circumstances is amazing. We can all learn from an experience like this. Even if things in our life are going bad or we have struggles, this should not affect our faith and our conviction of the gospel. That through Christ, we can and will accomplish and overcome everything. 

The investigators are progressing well! Sorry I dont have a lot of time the power keeps going out in the cyber so we are out of time. I will try to get more written next week to catch you guys up.

I love you mom! Tell Dad to write me!

Elder Solari

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