Monday, November 30, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you guys all enjoyed yourselves. Judging by the picture of Hannah and Calvin you sent me, it looks like he ate too much haha. Glad there was someone to fill my empty space. Honestly I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving. We didnt have time to do anything special or cook anything, and we also dont have the money haha. Out here in the field its just another day of work and it was a great day. Elder Diaz and I have been putting in work contacting and knocking lots of doors to find new people to teach! 

A few things I learned this week. Our mission president is a Harvard graduate. And we are the literal best mission in the world in terms of numbers and statistics. This is great too because all of our leaders are always so motivating. We always put high goals and work all day to reach them. Elder Diaz has about 8 months in the mission and he is from Peru. He teaches lessons so well I learn a lot from him everyday. And at this point my spanish is decent enough I can always understand what he is saying. He always gives a lot good advice during comp study and lets me know ways and tricks to speak better in Spanish. I was not able to get any pictures but I can describe what he looks like pretty well. Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Just with the missionary haircut. And I am not even joking. He has been putting me to work this week. 

Nothing too crazy happened this week. I did run into Elder Barba one night! There was a leadership meeting so a bunch of the missionaries came and stayed in our houses from the far away parts of the mission. There was a two day conference and his comp was a zone leader in a small district somewhere. So that was pretty cool. We also got a new zone leader. He was actually in our sector maybe 6 months ago and I always used to hear the members here talk about him. He is going to bring us around and show us to some of his older investigators. 

The mission president was at stake conference yesterday and we got to sing the hymn our mission wrote at stake conference! So that was cool. The Huancavilca stake is kind of struggling with a lot of inactivos so the president of the mission came out to help solve the problem. We will see how it goes in the next few weeks. Ill have to get you guys a copy of the hymn of the mission one of these days its such a great song.

It talks a lot about the Atonement. Which is the most important doctrine we have to teach the gospel. It helps us to change lives, and it gives us the desire to share the gospel with everyone we know. I promise every single one of you that if you spend this week and just focusing on studying the Atonement, that you will have a desire to share the gospel with everyone you know. And you will grow so much because of it. Because if you think about it, its the Atonement that makes everything possible. Without the Atonement there would be no plan of repentance. Treasure up the Atonement this week. It really is the most important doctrine we can share with other people. 

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