Monday, November 16, 2015



Everything is going well out here! This last week was a little slow because my companion had some ingrown toenails we needed to get taken care of. He got one completely ripped out and the other cut down. It was pretty cool to see! So the mission nurses made us take a day off so he wouldnt be limping around all day in the streets. 

That is so cool to hear that Jacks team won the championship! And they did it against his old team...that must have made his old coach feel really bad haha. Twice in a row and Jack also pitched? Sounds like he is getting really good at baseball! I miss playing sports but the work out here is more important! I only have 2 years to serve the Lord and the rest of my life to enjoy sports! 

Yeah so in Ecuador there are a bunch of smaller provinces run by governors. Guayas is the province that we are in right now. We are pretty close to the coast. Just a few sectors over is a Zone that is all on a big island right next to the mainland. Guayas encompasses all of the city of Guayaquil. And to expound on the almost being attacked by a dog...We were almost running home one night because we have to be in our apartment at 9pm sharp. We took a shortcut and there were a bunch of dogs barking. So as we get closer because the street we were going to take was a block up, they start barking and becoming really aggressive. There are a ton of stray dogs but most of them are nice and will leave you alone. So for the mean ones, if you bend over and pretend to pick up a rock theyll run off because they think youre going to throw it. So that worked on these dogs the first time but not the second. And right when one was about to get me a car came by and we were able to get away. It was a pretty cool experience. It made me miss Buster hahaha. 

Anyways this week was slow. We dropped a lot of our investigators because they were not keeping committments and were not able to go to church. So we have been focusing our efforts on finding again. More specifically we are working with less actives to get references. We have some new investigators we have citas set for this week. So keep praying for us! We are going to do everything we can to help them get to church and enter the waters of baptism and accept Christ in their lives! 

We have kind of dropped Gaston and Rosio. They enjoy going to church, but he does not want to be baptised until after he retires from his job working in politics this next year. We are going to pass by and remind them about church every week, but some missionaries next year are going to get to baptise them! Sad but we have to focus on the people that are ready to accept the gospel. Sometimes all we get to do is plant the seed.

So I got a flashdrive in a package a week ago from Alison and we can listen to hymns during study time and at night. If everyone could send me their favorite hymns so that I could download them, that would be awesome! Childrens and regular hymns work, and any artist will do. Motab, BYU Vocal Point, etc. 

About the photo - there is graffiti everywhere here!

The great thing about Christ is that he is always here for us. Even if we are in the world and surrounded by bad things, bad standards, bad people...Christ and the Gospel are always constant. And he will always be there for us no matter what weve been through. Jesus te ama = Jesus loves you. He loves all of us.

Elder Solari

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