Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hey everyone! I did not get transferred this last week. I am still here working in Las Acacias with Elder Tomlinson! We did end up getting new zone leaders that we like a lot! This last week was pretty interesting! We had all the water in our city cut off for 36 hours or so this last weekend! I think they were cleaning out all the tanks. So we showered with big jugs of water yesterday morning! It was definitely a cool experience. Because hot water doesnt exist out here, so our showers in the morning are always freezing cold. 

We worked hard this last week. We have a goal every week to have at least 30 lessons with a member present. Members are so important to the work out here. Every night we get back to the house and I am too tired to even write in my journal. I am also super tan from being out in the sun all day. We have so many investigators so we keep busy. The hardest thing ever is to get them to come to church! We always go and committ them to church during the week, and then Saturdays we pass for everyone again to remind them. And Sunday mornings before church because we meet at 3pm. Everyone here believes in the Bible and so we always teach them about Dia de Reposo and they just dont go to church. We have members pass by them Sundays and everything. Most of the missionaries say the hardest part about here is getting them to come to church and I believe them. The people here love to give excuses. But were working through it. 

There is saying here in the mission called mango bajos. These are the people who are ready and willing to accept the gospel without much effort or work necessary. These are the people we need to find and teach because we can bring in much more fruit that way. A lot of the people we have been teaching are mango altos. They are in the tops of the trees and take a lot more time and effort to teach. So we might have to focus more of our time this week and finding people who are more ready to accept the gospel and attend church. 

Gaston and Rosio are going well, theyre able to make more time to visit with us so we need to get them to church this week. His work always keeps him busy. He is always on call so sometimes he leaves last minute for work and cant make church or appointments we have with him.

As far as what you guys can do to help, just keep praying for us and for our investigators. Pray for us that they will be able to keep their commitments and attend church this next week. Pray that their hearts will be softened while we are teaching them. 

Yeah the victory pizza was great. It was just a little family owned place here, so nothing special. And no I wish it was as good as it is in the states. One thing that is better here is the bread. They have the best hot, fresh bread they sell in little tiendas on the streets. 10 cents and you are in heaven. 

Also, if any of you have not watched the video of the history of John Tanner in the church, I would reccomend it. You can find it on youtube and it is about 19 minutes long. Watch it for FHE this week! 

I know the church is true! It is for everyone and when sharing it, share according to their needs. Especially with the holiday season coming up. Share and talk with people about the birth of our saviour! I know Jesus Christ is out saviour and was born into this world as a baby just like we all are. And we may not know it but we too can have an impact on the world in a way like Christ did. I love you guys! 

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