Sunday, April 24, 2016


Hey guys! You got the Christmas package back, thats great!! The title means that You have to baptize like your life depends on it. Its one of our quotes of the mission haha.

Everything is going great out here in Guayaquil. I dont know if I told you guys last week but our mission president got called as a 70 this last general conference! So he was in Salt Lake, and got set apart by Elder Ronald A. Rasband! So cool. So when he finishes his mission here in 2 months or so he is going to start his new calling as a General Authority.. He said he got called for 5 years and is super excited to keep serving the Lord in this new calling. When he was in Salt Lake he got to go to a special training with the whole Quorum of the 12 and the First Presidency! We also had the opportunity to have a mini training with Pres. Torres in our reunion saturday which was really cool! He talked to us about being diligent.

So this last week Elder Rodriguez had transfers. He left Guayaquil and is now serving in Santa Rosa South! Its an area of Ecuador where the church is really new. Its just a branch and its been open for maybe 2 or 3 years! So my new companion is Elder Jenkins...and you guys probably wont believe it but hes from AUBURN CA! He went to Placer High School and we had to come all the way to Ecuador to meet each other. Its really cool because we have a ton of mutual friends and he shares my love for Adalbertos. 

Anyways this week we worked really hard trying to catch up and lift up our program and we sure did. Elder Jenkins has 22 months in the mission so its nice being with a super experienced Elder. I definitely have learned a lot from him in this last week. Also, we have been working trying to get a baptism for this week and we are going to have one! Her name is Victoria. So if you guys could pray for her so she can be baptised this week that would be great. For PDAY today we went to the mall with the APs and got Carls Jr, wow it was so good.

To answer your questions, with new converts, we usually reteach them all the lessons and keep passing by to help them out for around a month or so. Unless they stop going to church or are having problems its usually around a month. We have a lot of converts so sometimes its hard to always visit them and try finding new people to teach! But thankfully thats something the Ward Mission Leader helps us out with. I feel like the people here in South America are so much more receptive to the gospel. I mean they are living where the Book of Mormon took place so I dont find it too hard to believe. I feel so grateful to be here working in the Lords vineyards. 

Thats all the time Ive got Ill send a bunch of pictures next week I promise!

Elder Solari

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