Thursday, September 3, 2015



I am so excited that I am past the halfway point in the MTC. All day long I dream about the mountains and the trees and the world outside this beautiful compound we have to stay in. Especially with the news of that big Volcano Cotopaxi that is bound to erupt any day now! Thats exciting!

The Temple should be dedicated before we leave, I am not sure if we will all be going to the dedication or if we are just going to have it broadcast in the auditorium. I would love to attend a session in Spanish....that would be really cool!

This week was a great one. Everyday we have gym time, and believe it or not I am getting into playing cage soccer here at the CCM! It is an outdoor caged in basketball court that has soccer goals right under it. It is so much fun! We play everyday and on Prep day now! I am actually starting to enjoy futbol more and more now! There is also an Elder in my district, his name is Elder Heap and he likes to lift in the gym so we get to do that together! Hes from a small town near Flagstaff Arizona.

Our district is going great. We all get along so well and have so much fun goofing off and teaching investigators. It is making being out here so much easier. They have a nice little shop here in the CCM and they give us 100 pesos a week for buying stuff like laundry detergent, drinks, snacks, copies of the book of mormon, etc. Everything is so cheap out here! I think 17 pesos equals about 1 USD but it goes pretty far.

We are in the motions for the next couple of weeks until we leave. We have a couple hours of language study everyday. an hour of personal study, an hour of companion study and then a lot of teacher led lessons about doctrine and spanish as well. We did get a broadcast from the Provo MTC because Elder Dallin H Oaks gave a devotional there about Preach My Gospel and it really stressed how the Plan of Salvation is so important to teach because it really is the foundation for why we believe what we believe.

Other than that everything is going well! The week was not super eventful but it was fun. 

Still crazy that Sarah is getting married. Be sure to send me a picture of the newlyweds at the reception! and one of my mission plaque when they have it ready!

That is so exciting that Cole got his Life Scout! Make sure to tell him that it is much easier to get his Eagle Scout while he is young and before he is driving and working! I miss the Friday Night Gridiron! Are you guys going to watch the game just to hear Cole in the band? That is awesome about Cole teaching the lesson. I am glad you guys all enjoyed his message. Having him and Jack teach lessons is important it will help them so much later and they can become such great teachers and spiritual giants that way. Tell Jack I am proud of his Regatta too!

Tell Cindy to have Landon email me. I dont have his email and I want to hear from him! Hows the home ward holding up? And bishop Wilson?

God lives and he blesses us all so much! I am about out of time for this week but I love you mom! Thanks for all the prayers!


Elder Solari

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