Thursday, August 27, 2015


Open House at newly renovated  Mexico City Temple

Hi Mom, Family and everyone else!

I am sure you're wondering about the title of my email this week, but there is a story behind it. Tuesday night here at the CCM is Pizza Night. It is everybodys favorite night because it is all costco pizza! In our Zone, the long standing record for slices of pizza eaten was 9, and this week I managed to eat 11 slices! I am the pizza champion!

Anyways, this week was a great one here at the CCM. It seems every week is getting easier and flying by sooner. All I can think about is getting out to Ecuador...I am so excited. I guess one of the biggest Volcanos in the world is in Quito and it erupted about a week and a half ago! I think its called Volcano Cotopaxi. I hope it does not disrupt getting out to Ecuador September 22nd! That is the day I will leave to fly down to Ecuador with Elder Barba and Bolen, who are also both serving in Guayaquil South.

Today we got to go through the open house of the Mexico City Temple before it is rededicated! It is the largest temple outside of the United States because Mexico City has a population of over 21 MILLION people! We loaded in big buses this morning and took a half day trip to the temple. I will go ahead and attach some pictures. It is a HUGE temple. The inside is so new and the celestial room is beautiful. 

This week we started something new called TRC. It is when members, less actives and investigators come to the CCM to be taught by the missionaries. We have a 20 to 25 minute lesson with them without preparing before hand what we are going to teach or say. We got to teach two sisters this week and it was an amazing experience. They both happened to be members but they give us evaluations to let us know how we did. It is a great way to train because it definitely helped my confidence grow with teaching the doctrine in Spanish.

Highlight of the week: Elder D. Todd Christofferson came and gave a devotional yesterday (wednesday). He talked about charity, humility and answered some awesome questions from Elders and Hermanas here at the CCM. He offered insight on how to help those who may be struggling that you know of back home. He made me think of prayer in a whole new way. It was really profound... He said that when we pray we need to specifically ask God to give them some of our own blessings! That really hit home and is something I started doing right away! He also said the best thing we can do for others back home, and to bless them is to SERVE MIGHTILY. This week my knowledge was deepened on the power of prayer, and how sometimes we may take it for granted...when it really is the most important thing we can do to feel the spirit and receive answers and revelations for our own lives. 

Someone asked a questions about what Christ really meant when he was on the cross and he said "Why hast thou forsaken me." He gave such an inspiring answer to this questions. In DC 19:18 he told us that Christ was afraid he could not see the Atonement to the end. He pleaded three times but ultimately succumbed to the will of the Father. It was the time the spirit and connection he had always felt with his Father truly ended and he was ultimately alone. Elder Christofferson went on to say: "Christ did this alone, so we can accomplish anything because he will never leave us without help" Definitely the highlight of my stay at the CCM so far.

Glad to hear about the family theme you guys started! I think that is a great idea. Everything is great here at the CCM! Enjoying the food, the district and the teachers. I love you guys so much! Thanks for praying for me and writing me!

Alma 26:12 is what I would like for my plaque scripture. I could not find Bro Barneys email so can you pass that along to him please? Thanks!

So There is this cool website where you can send Elders or Hermanas at the Mexico MTC packages and goodies. I think its called or something like that!


Elder Solari

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