Monday, December 14, 2015


Hey family and friends! Not sure if all of you know this or not but its summer time in Ecuador! And its super hot! And its almost Christmas which is weird but awesome!

We had 2 baptisms this week! The cool thing is that Ive been here to teach them both every single lesson with my papa Elder Tomlinson and my padraste Elder Diaz! The first is Jesus Molina, and he was a reference from our ward mission leader. We have been teaching him for over two months and he was baptized on Saturday! We are working on getting him the priesthood and he is going to baptize his wife in the next several weeks! Its been difficult because her mom that they live with is very catholic and does not want her daughter to be baptized. But hes 23 years old so we have been working hard to make her excited about it. The other baptism was Hermana Olivia Peralta! Her we found though our own efforts. And it has been a long way. We have been working with her almost since I first arrived here. And her challenge at first was that she needed to feel prepared. And she finally was ready and I got to baptize her! They are both going to make such strong members. They were also both confirmed yesterday! 

We have been doing a lot of tracting lately. There are so many inactivos, so we have a directory of the ward and have been finding these people, and getting references and finding more new people to teach. We are also working on reactivating some families, but its difficult because one of the main reasons are inactive is because they are upset at someone in the ward. Or they were offended by something someone said. Its honestly the worst reason to be inactive. People out here are weird in that way. They need to understand that its the doctrine of the church thats perfect, not the people.

P day today was pretty cool. We have been having a lot of success here in our sector so we got permission to go to the mall for an hour or so! Pretty cool because usually its hard to get permission for the mall. I bought some ties, a watch, and some McDonalds and Cinnabon of course! 

As far as your studying with Preach My Gospel, keep a study journal. We have a saying in the mission ´Whatever you dont write down youre going to forget´´ Thats roughly the translation, its sounds a lot better in Espanol. Its hard to write you guys in English because I havent spoken it in over 3 weeks hahaha. But I guess thats a good thing because I feel semi fluent in the language! 

About calling you guys on christmas, were going to be skyping at a members house! So I need the skype username you guys are going to use. And my companion is going to call you guys the day before to confirm at what time were going to call. So I also need a phone number we can reach you on on Christmas Eve. Better practice your Spanish mom! And it is only one hour, the mission is pretty strict on that...but I am excited to talk to you guys for a whole hour! And its all going to be in Spanish!

Nate and Aria are engaged? I saw that one coming. Thats cool to hear about how the ward at home is growing fast, and how there are so many future missionaries in the ward!

Theres a new really cool video the church has on You guys should go watch it! Its about Jesus Christ, and his birth. I know there are a ton of well made videos of the new testament and His life also. I wish I could watch them but you guys need to! He is our Savior and Redeemer! Every single one of you guys! Be grateful during this season and spread the love and the gospel!

Love you mom!

Elder Solari

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