Monday, October 12, 2015


Hey fam and friends!

We had two baptisms this last week! The work has been progressing well and I got to be a witness for both of the baptisms! One of the members we go on splits with, Moroni, baptised Lorena because she lives with them. She was able to stay off coffee and was baptised! Our other baptism was with an old investigator who just needed permission from her parents because she was not 18 and she finally got it! She has been going to church for years with people in the ward. 

Sandra Lorena is the mom of the family with 2 recent converts. The one who would not let us in the house but now finally did. So guess what? She likes listening to us and sometimes cooks mediana, or dinner for us! And this last week we taught her whole family the first lesson, the Restoration! So we have 4 new investigators and are praying they will feel the love the Lord has for them. The spirit was so strong during the lesson. Nothing helps to bring the spirit stronger than the First Vision and you could see it working in their hearts and eyes. We ended up giving them 2 copies of the Book of Mormon and committed them to read and pray about Joseph Smith, or as they call him here, Jose Smith! We are going to stop by them again tomorrow and see how they felt and hopefully teach them more about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation!

So other than this family we have been teaching, We have been out contacting and tracting and trying to find new people to teach. It has been a little hard because people set up appointments with us and are excited about it but then they either tell us the wrong phone number/address or are not there when we come by! So just last night, we had an impression to speak to these two guys who were talking outside of their house...turns out one of them is a less active member, and the other is not and we have an appointment to go teach him and his family this week! We feel good about this one because the less active member is going to accompany us when we go teach them! The best references we receive are from members. After this house, we ran into the old bishops kid and got more references from him that we are going to talk to this week also! We are getting answers to our prayers and fasting. 

Oooohhh my first fast Sunday in Ecuador. I am not going to lie, it was tough. We started after lunch at 2pm and went until 2pm on Sunday. That whole day after lunch we tracted and I usually drink a ton of water but I didnt because of the fast! We were both so tired and drained but worked so hard...then Sunday, last night, we have all these new people to teach and share the gospel with! Just like the Sons of Mosiah in the BoM, if we pray and fast mightily we will be blessed and be able to teach with power and authority like they did. 

As far as my daily schedule goes it is usually the same
6.30 wakeup and exercise
7.00 breakfast and getting ready for the day
8.00 personal study
9.00 companion study
11.00 language study
12.00 almuerzo
1.00 Visits, appointments, tracting
9.00 back to the house to plan
9.30 get ready for bed
10.30 sleep

So from 1-9pm we are doing everything. Teaching lessons, finding new investigators, going on splits, holding baptism interviews, visiting new converts and less actives, everything! We just plan what we are going to do the night before every night. Planning sessions we try to do quickly because we are always so tired.

Then Tuesday mornings we have district meetings from 9.30-11.30am and Saturday we have Zone Meetings from 9.30-11.30. Ward Council is usually Wednesday night at 7.30...but does not start until 8 because the Ecuadorian people are not known for being punctual hahaha. 

So the multi-zone training is actually tomorrow. So hopefully I will get to see either of them tomorrow! I am excited to be able to have a meeting with and talk to our mission president again. He has such a strong spirit and the first capacitacion(training) I had my first day was great

I will start asking around for somewhere to take my clothes to make them smaller! I probably wont need it for a little bit longer...but once the neck gets too saggy Ill have to take them in. Here are a few pictures of the baptism we had this week! I will try to send more pictures next week.

Thank you so much for everything Mom! I love you! Tell the Fam I love them too!

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